“La Via Aurelia”
The Art of Transformation

Île Maison Pop up exhibition
by Parisian Artist Aima Saint Hunon

Join us to meet Aima in person
& preview an exclusive collection
of her paintings, drawings,
sculptures, jewelry and scarves.

Private Residence
in the Upper East Side.

Saturday, Dec 1st,

By Appointment only, address will be provided with RSVP confirmation

About La Via Aurelia:

“Aurélia follows her destiny into the strange depths of humanity. She draws inspiration from beings that share her journey and illuminate her path, giving her the steps of a marvellous dance movement. The beings transform into a cohesion of hearts sculpting together the phantasmagoria of her soul. The fantasies immerge into an animal world illustrating the heroine's endless transcendence into realm of fairyland. Their synergy brings life to the abstraction of her mind, playing with colours and textures, full and empty.

The perfect essence of the beings is reflected on Aurelia’s ever transforming image of herself. Their souls’ become fused forming a unique and universal thought.” ASH


About Aima


The series "La Via Aurelia", created by the multi-media artist Aima, presents a young lady in Art Deco style, representing the human jungle, according to the artist.

Aima uses the linocut technique, working one to six colors per piece. Each piece is made of unique design that together create a universal message, going from feminine to masculine, occidental to oriental, animal to human, giving us a perfect understanding of her message and concept.

The artist uses a variety of mediums, which play an important role in the series. Such as: world wide handmade artisanal paper in multiple colors and 3D plastics paper. All of them have different and important functions in forming the final concept of the series.

For the series “Aurelia Familia” and “Animalia”, the artist painted on the linocut giving another dimension of her imagination. Using a collage technique, she created an abstraction of the different character’s soul.

Her last series “Square mind”, is a conversation with the higher spirit in an automatic drawing, balancing the full and the empty space of her mind. The spectator enters in the contemplation of the spirit’s character, giving a touch without the conventional landmarks of a figurative work.