Ile Maison Mastermind Class
with Paula Oleska

~ Beautiful Mind & Body Series ~



Join us for Saturday Brunch
with Brain Upgrade Lecture
and Book Signing
with Paula Oleska,
a bestselling author,
award-winning coach
and a mindset maverick
at the Luxury Perfect57 Med Spa


When: November 10th 2018
Noon - 2:00 pm

Where: Perfect57 Med Spa

Address: 5 East 57th St, 17th floor (between Fifth Ave & Madison Ave.)

Tickets: $50.00 ($60 after November 7th)
(by invitation only, open to Ile Maison Members, Insiders, and Guests).

BRUNCH will be served

Each guest will receive a signed copy
of Paula’s “Spirit of Success” Book
(#1 Amazon Bestseller),
and $100 gift card
toward services
at Perfect57 Med Spa.

What is Brain Upgrade?

Brain Upgrade creates deep, lasting and permanent transformation - effortlessly! It eliminates the tedious process of rehearsing new habits and behaviors - they became immediately available.

Brain Upgrade also eliminates the need to laboriously develop success mindset and control your negative thoughts. Your new, positive attitude emerges spontaneously!


One client's transformation: During a session, this client, general manager of an Internet company, got in touch with the feeling that she needs to always take care of others. She said, "If I don't take care of others, they will get angry". After a 10 minute exercise she said, “If I don't take care of others - they will take care of themselves! I'll have a lot more time".

This transformation happened without any prompting on my part or a discussion of what attitude will be better. It comes out spontaneously, from within you.

You can have that kind of transformation too! Improve confidence, productivity, time management and focus. Eliminate procrastination, distraction and overwhelm with too much to do.

Imagine the accomplishment, exhilaration and freedom you will feel when these challenges are solved!

Find out how. Attend this Masterclass with Paula!


Paula is a bestselling author, award-winning coach and a mindset maverick. People from all walks of life hire Paula to accelerate their results because most are dissatisfied with something in their lives, from slow reading and poor memory to time management and productivity. So Paula help them create rapid breakthroughs in what they want to achieve with a new system of brain optimization.


The brain is a fashionable topic and many experts talk about– and there is Paula, offering a totally unique and very practical way to work with the brain. She has been speaking and teaching all over the world for over 25 years and helped over 5,000 individuals skyrocket their business and personal results with her proprietary system, Brain Upgrade®, based on cutting edge neuroscience.

Paula has served as an International Faculty member to the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, International Kinesiology College and locally, at the Baruch College School of Continuing Studies and the New York Open Center. She also has a busy consulting practice in New York City, where her students and clients are impressed with their results and love working with her because of her warmth, authenticity and sense of humor.

Paula is the author of three books, including the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Spirit of Success, and the audio program "Your Secret Brain, Discover How A Brain Upgrade Can Give You Peace Of Mind, Joy And More Fulfillment In Your Life".



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