Times of transition are a special opportunity to regroup, recreate, rebrand, rediscover, and rebirth!.  

Are you in a transition  such as a break-up, divorce, new job, being fired, moving, kids leaving home, retirement, recovering from addiction or illness, traumatic accident, loss of a loved one, preparing for a big day, getting married, expecting a baby, or just looking for a change and transformation in your personal or business life?   

We are here to help, guide and assist you on your new journey !!!  As a result you will make significant changes that set your life in a new direction. You will redefine who you are, what you want, and what is fulfilling in your life. You will recreate your image inside out, you will relax, rejuvenate, and rediscover yourself.   All together we will keep you growing, stretching and leaning into possibility. 

The list of services we offer is endless !  We will customize each service for you. Your New Chapter will start with One of a Kind Discovery Coaching Session with Ilona Lee. Ilona will prepare One of a kind  package to meet your needs and expectations. You can also hire us for your big day, wedding, baby shower, bachelor party, corporate event, girls night in, etc. Ilona Lee Network members offer high quality, european services and products. Each professional is One of a kind.

Areas of our expertise: 

  • Beauty: Face & Body Treatments, Make up,  body Painting, Hair Design & Color, etc.

  • Fashion:  Fashion Styling Consultations, Feng Shui Fashion, Personal Shopping, Closet Organizing, etc. 

  • Art: Photo shot, VIDEO

  • Fitness: Personal trainers, fitness and dance group classes, fitness DVDs & programs 

  • Nutrition & Health: Nutrition coaching programs, Weight Loss Consultations, Nutrition products, Health Coaching

  • Stress Relief: Meditation courses, classes, practice (Transcendental Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Art of Living), Yoga

  • Holistic Healing: Reiki, Sound Healing, Art therapy, Psychotherapy

  • Coaching / Consulting: Life Coaching programs, Business Coaching, New Career Coaching, One of a kind Coaching by Ilona Lee (career, business)

  • Fun and recreation: Getaways and Vacations Planning, Retreats, Party at your place

  • Relationships: Dating, Soulmate match-making, Business Partners match-making

  • Housing: New apartment / house search, Renovation / Remodeling, Interior design, Home Decor, House Cleaning, Maid / Nanny 

  • Special Event: Party at your place, Performance (POP, classical, etc), Bachelor Party / Wedding / Baby Shower, corporate event, or any party at your place or anywhere else !!!!

  • Making a Difference ! Volunteering Opportunities, Donations for Non Profits

  • and much much more... !!!!

Your time is NOW

START your New Chapter, Contact Ilona today. 

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