Home as an Art


Your home is an extension of who you are. You want your home to enliven your senses, nurture your body & mind, and inspire your soul. We will help you find your private oasis, a sanctuary you come back to, to recharge and rest. Your home will support your new vision, your dreams and set your life in a new direction.  


Elevate your space, express yourself and feel empowered.
–ilona lee

Ilona Lee (Founder of Île Maison) is a licensed real estate expert at Oxford Property Group in New York. Ilona and her team specialize in properties created to enhance and inspire holistic wellness and artful living.

We offer a carefully curated collection of luxury condos and coops, new developments, hotel residences, private villas, summer homes, boats and more. We partner with international homeowners and other real estate experts, and have access to sales and rental properties in NYC and around the world. See below featured homes from SixSenses Home as an Art Collection and contact Ilona Lee for more details.

Home as an Art Collection

160 Madison Ave Tower, New York


Park Central Towers, Makati, Philippines


Fosil, Tulum, Mexico


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