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Île Maison VIII Senses Award
recognizes excellence
in Artful Living & Well-being
around the world

We curate Art & Design, Wellness, Real Estate, Hospitality & Modern Luxe Lifestyle to help global citizens feel at home anywhere they go. Île Maison VIII Senses award honors destinations, experiences and products that enliven and enhance our VIII Senses: sense of touch, sight, taste, smell, hearing, sense of space, sense of self and sense of connection with our selves, others, life and world around us. Our awakened and nurtured senses bring us to the present moment, inspire Artful Living and boost our Well-being. 

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We award world’s finest Residential Developments, Private Villas, Hotels & Retreats, Cruises & Boats, Airlines, Restaurants, Spas & Beauty Salons, Wellness Centers, Fitness Studios, Art Galleries, Design Showrooms, Boutiques, Visionary Leaders, Innovative Products and more.

Our VIII Senses Award Sculpture was designed in collaboration with Parisian Artist Aima Saint Hunon.


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