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Recognizes Excellence
in Artful Living & Wellbeing
with Global Six Senses Award

We recognize excellence in Hospitality, Travel and Wellness Lifestyle with Île Maison Six Senses Awards, honoring outstanding destinations for Home Away From Home as well as experiences and products that empower Home Within OurseLves, and were created with impeccable vision and execution.

Our Six Senses Award Sculpture & Wearable Art Collection was designed in collaboration with Parisian Artist Aima Saint Hunon (available exclusively at Île Maison).

We award experiences at Private Summer Villas, Hotels & Retreats, Hotel Residences, Cruises, Boats, Restaurants, Wellness & Fitness Centers and Spas as well as products for body, mind, soul and space that enliven our six senses.


We invite recognized
recipients to join Île Maison
Membership Community

Île Maison Membership Benefits & Privileges

  • Annual right to use Île Maison Global SixSenses Award logo for marketing purposes (marketing materials, services menu, website, email, etc.)

  • Access to exclusive Île Maison Six Senses Collection including outdoor and indoor personalized Six Senses Award Sculpture for your lobby, office, reception area or home, mini Six Senses sculpture for your desk, plus wearable Art pieces for your team, partners, patrons, family and friends. .

  • Global media exposure in our Île Maison Magazine (min1 full dedicated page with link to your website).

  • Award celebration at your organization

  • Invitations to exclusive live events and experiences

  • Sponsorship and Speaking Opportunities at live events

  • Networking opportunities, collaborations, partnerships, and referral services.

  • Pop-ups, art and design shows, and other opportunities to showcase your products & services

  • Île Maison Website, e-mail newsletter and social media exposure




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