Île Maison partners with wellness & lifestyle brands to offer a holistic collection of the world’s finest experiences. Blend of ancient and modern, Asian, European and Ayurvedic philosophies for a unique holistic approach.

Make Île Maison a part of your lifestyle. Book your Private Île Maison Ritual or Escape.


1 hour, $200.

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Guided Meditation

  • Scalp Massage

  • Herbal Tea Ritual

Relax into the perfect night’s sleep with Île Maison exclusive ceremony designed to aid disruptive sleep patterns and alleviate restless nights. Performed in a tranquil, candlelit surrounding, this ritual begins with quiet breathing and meditative techniques to release physical and emotional anxiety and restore energy. Scalp massage alleviates tension and relieves any final signs of stress. Organic tea to soothe, calm and prepare body for relaxation.

Ritual performed by meditation teacher and massage therapist at the convenience of your own home.

*If you would like to experience your favorite ritual a few times a week or during the course of a month or year, you may purchase a series of ten treatments for price of nine. Series are not valid with any other special offers or promotions. For more information and booking, please enquire below:

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