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by Paula Oleska,
Natural Intelligence Systems™

Results Accelerator™ Bootcamp curriculum:

New Learning Paradigm; Daily Brain Maintenance sequence

There is a hidden obstacle that has been preventing you from being productive! Most experts don’t know about it – but you will, after this module.

Optimizing brain for peace and calm

One of the main things that prevent people from being productive is emotional stress. But “letting go” of it doesn’t work! Learn much more effective tools in this module.

Optimizing your brain for time harmony

One of the reasons people are late and behind their schedules is that your right- and left-brains process time differently. Learn how to organize them to master your relationship with time.

Implementation Wizard – “Think before doing”

There is a hidden reason why people don’t do what they say they will do. It’s not their fault! In this module, you will learn why that is and how to get thing done with ease.

Decision making tool

Indecision throws many schedules off balance. In this module, you will learn a new way to approach making decisions that will make it 100% easier to make them!

Optimizing and individualizing your schedule

Many experts offer prescriptions on organizing your schedule. But these prescriptions don’t work for everyone. In this module you will have the opportunity to use all of the tools you have learned to create your own, personalized schedule that you will be happy to follow.

Trouble shooting

In this module we will review all the tools and understandings you have learned and make sure that you are and will continue to use them. We will fix all the glitches that could block your way!


Many experts teach how to motivate yourself to do what you need to. If you can’t motivate yourself using their methods, it must be your fault. But motivation cannot be manufactured! Learn what motivation really is and how to stay motivated effortlessly.

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How leading from heart can boost performance, reduce stress and get better results in business and life.

Our mission is to inspire leaders in financial industry to choose Love & Compassion over Fear & Greed.
Make money to make a difference.


  • Tools to reduce stress, enhance resilience and boost performance

  • Why heart matters in business? love at work, love in business, how love becomes practical - scientific proof that love matters

  • Mind fullness, heart and mind coherence, balance

  • Connecting on the level of the heart, not mind; more care, more compassion for others, appreciation, gratitude, standing in other’s peoples shoes,

  • Power of Heart Intelligence, intelligence of following our hearts

  • Heart based meditation and other techniques

  • Love as foundation to build peace within organization, inner peace, inner home, home within.

  • Biochemical changes in our bodies when we act from heart

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RENAISSANCE (Rebirth) of your business 

through Creativity & Innovation -



  • How to activate the creative spark inside organization team

  • how to disrupt industries and solve problems with creativity and new innovations,

  • how to initiate fun projects, to repair relationship challenges within organization

  • Power of self expression,

  • Power of Self discovery and self knowledge: what makes our heart sing, who am I

  • Activating Creativity, Developing Full Creative Potential

  • New skills to become more creative on demand

  • How to refine talents we barely knew we had, or haven’t used in a long time

  • To explore a new side of yourself you didn’t know existed

  • To create a plan to keep creativity alive in our lives for fun and fulfillment

  • Biochemistry, creative satisfaction.

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